Tuesday, September 26, 2006

it's here

and it's really, really good.


Monday, September 25, 2006

same sh*t different day

seriously tho, all sarcasm aside...this is yet another that-hiphop-duo-from-Miami-post...or rather, the weekend (read: Saturday night) re-cap.

Mayday! held their record release party at club I/O on Saturday.

What I like about these types of events, its that it is purely about the local talent, granted, there are times where you have to put up with someone's homey or cousin doing their thing onstage before you get to the good stuff (albeit sometimes, someone's homey actually turns out to be worthwhile, but I digress).

Saturday night, it was all about Mayday! Everyone, down to Bern Biz's moms and pops were there. Definitely a family affair. DJ Manuvers (Mayday!'s homey/2nd string stunnas) kept the crowd on ice with the ol skool joints, b-boy cipher enhanced and all. Wrekonize MC'd the event, until DJ Smalls hit the decks, Diego got on bass, Plexo on the keys, and Bernie on the mic. They performed about 7 tracks from the new album, and almost coaxed them to perform Quicksand, but that never quite worked out.

Needless to say, it was a great show.

And speaking of Quicksand, it's not on the new album, but I happened to get my hands on the video for the track that 'made it happen' for them. I figure I'd share it with the rest of you (whomever still checks for this =/ ).

btw, the video and audio are a bit outta sinc. enjoy: